To support pupils in gaining the necessary communication skills to become articulate and confident individuals both verbally and in writing.

To build reading and writing skills that will enable them to access skills and opportunities both in school and when they move to employment or further study.

To appreciate and value the experiences of others and importance of stories and other text types in learning about the world they live in.


English will enable pupils to access all other subjects by building their reading and writing skills. A fundamental set of life skills at its heart, English will teach pupils how to write for different purposes and audiences with confidence. Lessons will also enable pupils to access a wide range of reading materials and teach them to become evaluative and analytical readers. Speaking and listening activities teach pupils to become skilled communicators in a range of different settings and promote turn taking, empathy and opportunities to lead and initiate discussions on topics that they have researched or are of particular interest to them.


Pupils will participate in activities that develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. They will be taught the key features of different types of text and encouraged to use these in the production of their own work. Where possible, the curriculum will be tailored to topics that the pupils are interested in and see as being of particular relevance to the lives they lead. Pupils will also study texts from different times and cultures such as Shakespeare and poetry, in line with the expectations of the National Curriculum.


Pupils study a range of texts of different genres that build on the skills taught at Key Stage 2 and scaffold the skills they will need for Key Stage 4. Each year, they will study poetry, plays and stories along with a range of non-fiction text types before creating their own pieces of writing or presentations on the topics studied.


Pupils’ studies will build on the work completed at Key Stage 3 and will include the study of a play by Shakespeare, a novel, a collection of poetry and a range of non-fiction texts designed for different purposes and audiences. Pupils will be required to analyse the work of established writers and produce their own original pieces of written work for assessments.


All pupils will work towards GCSE English Language. Some pupils will be able to study GCSE English Literature as an additional qualification.

Pupils who are not able to sit their GCSE English qualification will be entered for a Level 1 or Level 2 Entry Level Certificate.

Mrs Vicky Rhead