“The enrichment and extension of the curriculum are good”

“Teaching Assistants make a strong contribution”

D.Smith, Educational Consultant Autumn 2016



Increasingly employers, colleges and universities are looking more and more to take students who have widened their experiences and developed transferable skills. Finch Woods is constantly looking to enrich the educational experience of learners. Key to this is the Finch Woods Pledge, a promise that all young people will experience a rage of special non curricular events during their 5 years at school.

School has Enrichment sessions one afternoon a week when the whole school community opts into a series of activities such as basic vehicle maintenance, guitar lessons, textiles, relaxation and many others, which change throughout the year. Finch Woods have also invited in several theatre companies into school to perform established plays. We have also had young student companies perform plays about the challenges facing young people of today which are supported by Q&A sessions with trained counselors if difficult issues arise.

This is supported by our Enrichment Curriculum which sees timetabled sessions of Outdoor Education and Forest schools for pupils. Finch Wood love the opportunity to further enrich the students experiences through School Trips. Your child will be offered the opportunity to partake in numerous trips throughout their time with us, including national e.g. visit London and international, travel recent trips have visited France, Belgium, Poland and Spain. Many of these opportunities are funded or partially funded by the Academy as we believe they are such a vital part of our student’s school experience and development.