SNAP Together Behaviour and Learning Needs Assessment


Although all pupils come to us with an EHCP plan, school staff also conduct rigorous assessments of social, emotional, mental health and behavioural needs using the SNAP Together (SpLD & Behaviour) Assessment and observations. Now with newly updated information sheets, SNAP Together combines the popular SNAP-SpLD and SNAP-B special needs assessment profiling programs, bringing clear insights to pupils’ specific learning difficulties and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. SNAP Together draws information from home and school. Carefully-targeted questions identify clusters and patterns of difficulties or behaviours, and give a graphic profile which pinpoints core problem areas. For each problem area, SNAP then generates information sheets which are personalised to the individual pupil, giving down-to-earth, practical advice, information and strategies for more focused and effective support, at school and at home. SNAP is purpose-written for use by special needs coordinators, learning support and specialist teachers in primary and secondary schools, and in SEN support services, special schools, PRUs and dyslexia/SEN assessment centres.

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School staff then plan carefully targeted interventions to meet pupils individuals need and to complement their curricular learning.