The School Dog

School Therapy Dog






Here at Finch Woods Academy we have a school therapy dog, Sonny, who’s presence in school has many benefits:

  • Helping to calm pupils down and turn around emotions when displaying low mood, anxiety or challenging behaviour.
  • Able to take part in Literacy lessons as part of the Bark2read scheme, pupils can read to the dog without feeling self conscious.
  • Used as a reward for pupils to walk and play with him.
  • Interact with the dog and develop social skills, patience and empathy and an appreciation of animals.
  • Pupils can take part in obedience training , dog handling and dog agility sessions.
  • Make the school day and curriculum more engaging and in turn improve attendance.

About Sonny

  • Rescued from Cheshire Dogs home in February 2017. For more information on Cheshire Dogs home please visit
  • 12 months old, lovely friendly temperament.
  • Taking obedience classes and assessment to be certified therapy dog. For more information about therapy dogs please visit

Parents have been informed, and there is a risk assessment and full insurance in place.