Assessment & Progress Tracking

ASSESSMENT 2016 – 2017







We believe it is very important to robustly assess and track progress for every pupil in English, Maths and every curriculum subject. We also track behaviour and monitor the social, emotional and mental health of our pupils, as well as their personal development.

We use P Steps which is an assessment system designed by an “Outstanding” Special School and is now used by over 100 schools across the country. P Steps:

  • Extends P Scales from early years through to KS1-KS4, stretches right up to the top GCSE grades. This is helpful for transition.
  • All of the criteria and statements are standardised across subjects.
  • All have been moderated and benchmarked to exacting standards.
  • Pupils work can be moderated against work from other schools using P Steps to moderate and ensure accuracy of assessment.