Multi-Agency Partners

There are a number of people who can help:


The School Attendance Service in Knowsley works in partnership with schools to support parents/carers of children who may be experiencing difficulties in maintaining regular attendance.

If your child is experiencing any difficulties with regard to school attendance, in the first instance it is always advisable to contact Finch Woods Academy to discuss the issue.

Every school within Knowsley has access to a School Attendance Improvement Officer and they can be contacted by telephoning School Attendance on (0151) 443 5147.


The Area Support Teams are made up of a range of professionals including Educational Psychologists, Specialist teachers for learning (via school service level agreements) and an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Specialist Advisory Teacher. They work closely with the Local Authority to offer support and advice to parents and carers in developing the emotional, social and educational development of their child.

Requests for involvement from the Area Support Teams are usually made through Finch Woods Academy, please ask the school SEN coordinator for more information.

The Area Support Teams can be contacted on the telephone numbers below, but we recommend you discuss any potential referral with us first.

(0151) 477 8635 (Northern Area Support Team

(0151) 443 5771 (Central Area Support Team)

(0151) 288 8900 (Southern Area Support Team)


Parent Partnership provide information and support for parents of children with special educational needs and/or a disability over education issues. This support includes information over the telephone or face to face, support in attending meetings in school or with other professionals

Contact Number: 0151 443 3283  

email address:



School Meals are free to pupils whose parent/carer receives one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • An Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit and income of less than £16,190
  • The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999  Website: (search for school meals service)
  • Contact details for free school meals Telephone: (0151) 443 4042


‘Thank you for the time I was able to spend with you all observing practice throughout the school day it was really appreciated

and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the day to day work that goes on.

The day was positive and it was great to see how much support and encouragement the young people receive’

Maggie Nayar, Youth Offending Service.

‘Daniel attended career Connect on work experience. He was well behaved,

pleasant, polite and helpful throughout his placement. Well Done Daniel’

Carmel Skidmore, Team Manager.

Thank you for allowing me to visit the school. The highlight was lunchtime, delicious food,

but more important the friendly and POLITE young people and welcoming staff’

Nicola Fielden, Speech and Language.