Welcome from the Pupils

The best experience I have had in this school is when i was lucky enough to go to Belgium and France , I went with another pupil and two members of staff. We all had a good time, we was up six o’clock most mornings and sometimes played rugby before breakfast. The reason we went to Belgium was to learn about world war 1, Tyne Cot was really depressing to see all the gravestones of all the dead people and even worse was when we saw all of the names of the soldiers who was never found, inscribed on the Menin Gate in Ypres. We also got to walk around the trenches so we good get a realistic view in our heads of what it would be like in World War One. I would recommend this experience to anyone, pupil or parent. It is an experience not just a trip or holiday. I am glad the school took me. I was really lucky to go abroad with the school because I have developed a fear of flying and the school organised a trip for me to go on a coach and then via the Channel Tunnel for me to be able to go with them and complete my pledge.

22nd March 2017