Success Stories


Pupil A

Pupil A attended one of our Alternative Provision Providers; he was sent home on his first day due to unacceptable behaviour staff had a discussion with pupil A  about their RESPECT policy.

He returned the following day with a completely different mind-set which seemed to last the duration of his time studying with us.

Pupil A was keen to learn some construction skills, this was quickly put in place to keep Pupil A  motivated. Pupil A also studied English (functional skills EL3 and L1), Maths(functional skills EL3 and L1), Retail/work skills (BTEC) and Working Safely(L2).

After two years of studying Pupil A achieved every qualification we set out for him and managed to secure an apprenticeship with a local construction company.

He is now enjoying the fruits of his hard work and using his wages to travel around the country and take part in some mountain climbing and sightseeing activities. He has been in to show staff pictures of him and his friend at the top of Snowdon and outside Buckingham Palace.

Pupil A has now been accepted back into his family home out of his care setting and is now a functioning member of society who we are proud to have known and supported

Well done  and good luck with your apprenticeship and you’re your future goals.




‘Daniel attended Career Connect on work experience. He was well behaved, pleasant, polite and helpful throughout his placement. Well Done Daniel’

Carmel Skidmore (Team Manager)