Transport Arrangement

The local authority has a statutory duty to make transport available for children and young people who attend Finch Woods Academy (if they meet certain criteria for eligibility).

This is arranged in the form of transport from the child’s home to school and return journey. It may be a taxi or mini-bus, or if your child is older and able to travel independently a bus pass may be provided.

Finch Woods Academy will be here to support you, discuss any issues, but the main responsibility lies between the Local Authority (Transport) and the taxi company.

Finch Woods Academy promotes independent travel for as many children and young people as possible, appropriate to age and need. This helps to promote independent living skills needed for life as an adult. Parents/carers who either live within easy reach of a school or have their own transport may be expected to make their own arrangements for their child to get to and from school. It is important to note that the provision of transport is not a given right for all children, and the local authority will apply its eligibility criteria to help assess whether or not it will provide transport assistance.


Applying for free school bus pass

Depending on your circumstances, you can get help meeting the cost of your child travelling to school. 

Your child may be entitled to a free school bus pass if they

  • live in Knowsley and attend a Knowsley School and the statutory walking distance from the home address to the school is two miles for children aged under eight, and three miles for children aged eight and over.
  • You receive a low income and your child is entitled to free school meals or the family are in receipt of the maximum level of working tax credits and the child’s secondary school is more than two miles from home but less than six miles from one of the three nearest qualifying community schools or the child’s secondary school is more than two miles from home but less than 15 miles if attending on religious or belief grounds.
  • Children between the ages of 8-11 from low income families are entitled to free transport where they live more than 2 miles from their nearest primary school.
  • The route your child walks to the nearest Knowsley School is unsafe.
  • Your child has special educational needs, a disability or mobility problem.
  • Your child has a temporary medical issue

You can use the travel checker to check the distance from home to school to help you find out if your child is entitled to a bus pass.

How to apply

For a full assessment, to apply for a bus pass or to renew a bus pass, call into any One Stop Shop or call the Contact Centre on 0151 443 2500. If you do qualify, you will be asked to call into any One Stop Shop, providing relevant documentation and two passport-sized photographs of your child. A Merseytravel bus pass will be issued, but if your child prefers to travel by train, you can apply for a Trio Zone ticket at an extra charge,payable at any One Stop Shop. The pass is valid for the academic year only and can be used during Monday to Friday up to 8pm during term-time. If your pass is used outside of these times, it may be confiscated.

Replacing a lost or damaged bus pass

If your pass in lost or damaged, you can get a replacement from any One Stop Shop.  Replacements cost £10 and you will need to provide two passport-sized photographs.

If your application is refused, you can appeal against the decision to the Council’s Appeals Committee. To appeal you must be able to demonstrate that there are exceptional circumstances that should be taken into consideration.  You must submit a formal letter of appeal explaining the full circumstances of your case, for an appeal to be considered by the Appeals Committee. You must also provide documentary evidence from other agencies to support your claim. For example, a letter from your Social Worker, General Practitioner, Police, Housing Department or Head teacher.

Please send your application to the:

Customer Liaison Officer,
Knowsley Council,
Huyton Municipal Building,
6th Floor,
Archway Road,
Huyton, L36 9YU.,-plans-and-strategies/people.aspxPinterest